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J Discovery, a free yet richfully curated magazine's expression of enticing your most enigmatic, tasteful wonders of "Rediscovering Japan." 
J Discovery is a quarterly magazine that comes February, May, August and November.
It has something for everyone whether they want to know more about Japan, are planning a trip to Japan, or simply wish to delve deeper into Japanese culture, 
every person can enjoy our magazine from various angles.
We also hope that J Discover Hawaii will help people become more interested in Japan.
Marin Akiyama, the host of the show, will take you on a journey through Japan’s many beautiful sights and introduce you to a plethora of interesting topics.
You'll learn about things that you didn't know before about Japan.
J Discover Hawaii is a unique magazine. Readers can watch videos holding their smart phone over printed articles and advertisements.
Readers could enjoy our contents more clearly and specifically.
Our magazine is also available on the J Discovery Hawaii website for quick access from anywhere around the world.
So take a magazine, check out the website, relax and get ready to go on this journey through Japan with us! ENJOY!

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